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Click to Launch UT Martin Public View on iTunesU.

What is iTunesU?

If you have an iPod, then you know what iTunes is.  iTunes is the software on your computer that you use to manage the music on your iPod.  But you don’t have to have an iPod to use iTunes.  You can download iTunes from www.apple.com/itunes for free, then you can download music, videos, TV shows, etc, and enjoy them on your computer.

iTunesU is where UTM faculty and departments can upload their own audio and video files so that you can download them.  So for example, your professors may be recording their class lectures and putting their lectures inside iTunesU so that if you miss class you can download the lecture and find out what you missed.  Or maybe your professor has uploaded some audio or video files that they will use for assignments or in class.

There are 2 versions of iTunesU:

1.        The Public version:  here you will find all sorts of publicly available audio and video files from Athletics, Student Life, the Library, Academic Speakers, and more.  You will also find some UTM professors who have decided to make their audio and video files available to the public.

2.       The Private version:  here you will find everything that the Public version has, plus audio and video files from UTM professors who have decided to only let their students get access to their audio and video files. 

If you want to get into the Private version, login to the myUTMartin portal from the UTM homepage.  If you just want to get into the Public version, click the link that says “click to launch UT Martin public view of iTunesU”.

Enter your username and password below to login to the private version.